Leo's Story

More than a pass time...

 Leo's love of  mountaineering stems from  growing up climbing in the Andes . When Leo moved from Colombia to Canada in 2002 he was captivated by the beauty of the Canadian Rockies  and continued to pursue various expeditions and refine  his skills as a climber. 

In more recent years, Leo has  used his expeditions as a platform to help those in need here in Canada and abroad.


Compassion Brian

Additional Information

Brian,s story touched many in Canada/Colombia and Leo's climbing team was able to help Brian's  mom and dad handle a mortgage  debt, The house was paid in full and the family was able to be mortgage free. 

Leo's fundraiser helped also paid for other expenses and aided mom set a small business solution for Brian needed a 24/7 attention from mom at home.


//You don't change the world simply by looking at it. You transform it through the way you act, the course of actions you take and the way you live in it//

Leo Namen 


A day like no other...

In April 2018  at the age of 48 and in seemingly good physical health, Leo suffered a heart attack while working out at the gym. After being rushed to hospital and assessed, it was determined that he sustained 100% blockage to his right coronary artery. Leo had surgery and remained hospitalized for a week then  continued his recovery at home.  While his body was on the mend,  his mind and spirit were devastated by the experience. Leo thought he would never climb again and in many ways felt his previously active lifestyle  was no longer possible.


A New Beginning... 

With support from family, friends and group of survivors he met through the Heart and Stroke Foundation  Leo  slowly regained  hope  that he could once again pursue  mountaineering and have a full and active life.  Leo now has his sights set on Mount Everest- a  daunting challenge that will  surely push him to reach his physical and mental limits.   If successful, Leo  will make history and potentially  become the first Canadian with heart disease to summit Mount Everest and the first Latino in history to reach the top of the world.

Leo strongly believes in the work that the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada is doing  and so he has chosen to climb for this reason . You can  support Leo's Heart and Stroke MY OWN FUNDRAISER campaign and  follow  him on social media as he embarks on a once in a lifetime voyage to take his heart to the highest! 

Leo's goal is to  raise $500 000.00  in support of Heart and Stroke research that can help save the lives of those who are affected by this disease.  Please donate today, even the smallest amount can make a difference!


Leo's quote of the month:

You don't change the world simply by looking at it. you transform it through the way you act, the course of actions you take and the way you live in it.

Leo Namen  

You can help!

Please donate  to help Leo raise funds to further the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada's research